10 Reasons to be part of the 50 day club

10. Good Food, Good Times, Good Friends, .
9. Free Wifi for Papers
8.Wednesday Team Games
6. Tons of goodies and free stuff.
5. 15% Discount off food.
4. Private Party & Dinner.
3. Quality time with The Backstretch Family.
2. BEER!
1. You’re gonna be here anyways!



  • You must come in everyday for the next 50 days except for Sundays, the day of rest.
  • If you are out of town for an athletic event, etc. you may get prior approval to skip that day, BUT, you must make up that # of drinks/time within 3 days of returning.  Request for a miss must be emailed to  thebackstretch@gmail.com 48 hours prior to the day. You will receive a confirmation email back accepting or denying your excuse. You are only allowed 3 days of excuses total.
  • You need to partake in TWO beverages or ONE Food Item each visit. BUT, we do not promote irresponsible drinking, therefore, non-alcoholic (juice, pop, coffee, water) beverages count as well.  Since purpose is to be a family, minimum time each day is 30 minutes!
  • It is your responsibility to make sure you sign in AND out with your personal identification code.  You will need to show your 50 day club card and state ID each day!
  • If in the case of a discrepancy, Joanne’s final decision is the only one that counts.